Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Another trick from a couple years ago

I like messing with some cards. I find it relaxing. Here is a magic trick with some jokers. It was from a couple years ago but I still perform it once in a while or some other variation. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Here is something that will stretch your imagination

Another fun trick but from a while ago. I hope you enjoy what magic I can do with just two rubber bands and a webcam. From your pal magician tommEE pickles

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Here is something fun to watch

I was just messing about in the Starbucks. He you can see me float my ring!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Oh, I love buying new sneakers.

You might be curious how I search and find my correct sneakers. Sometimes it is price. Normally it has to be red and fun to wear. I like Converse and Keds but I recently found a new sneaker to wear that I haven't seen in years. It is a pair of Airwalk Men's Red Canvas Men's Legacee Sneakers. They are just like Converse and they also have a rock bottom price.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

How to learn magic, Amazing Magic Tricks Apprentice Level

Oh the wonders you will find in the public library. Today I found Amazing Magic Tricks Apprentice Level by Norm Barnhart. It is part of a set of four books by the same author. I would have started with the  Amazing Magic Tricks Beginner Level, but that was not available.

This book and the other appear to be very short. The Apprentice Level book only has 32 pages with 10 tricks. The book is loaded with photgraphs and explanations about the tricks. 

In the first couple of pages, Norm relays the main rules of magic, such as secrets and practicing. He does add another note about Magician's Assistants. He does go through the common rules with some explanation. He also talks about creating a case for your magic props and also making a magic wand. 

I actually liked a bunch of the tricks here. There are tricks very appropriate for the younger kids but also can apply to adults just as well. At least two of the tricks employ the use of an assistant which helps kids as they start magic. There is also tricks with making up folders or bags to accomplish many things. Two tricks I liked were a a popped balloon is blown back up and another where a puzzle is magically solved.

There is a small glossary in the back and some site you can go to find out more. I was a little skeptical about the online content but I actually thought it was very age appropriate. It showed more magic tricks and referenced more magic books. This is a great book that I found in my local library and I have included a link in case you cannot find it in yours.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How To Learn to be a magician. 50 Nifty Super Magic Tricks

While in the public library today I found the book 50 Nifty Super Magic Tricks by Elizabeth Wood and Shawn McMaster. I was happy to find this book because I know Shawn McMaster and I know his as a great magician and friend.

The book 50 Nifty Super Magic Tricks is 80 pages with illustrations and the tricks are rated with a difficulty indicator. 

It starts out with the rules of a magician that every magician should abide by and then dives right into trick number one. There is no specific order to the tricks and illusions but each one is well represented by images on the same page.

There are tricks in the book that a lot of working magician use in their acts. The Big Squeeze is a trick that I have from Abbott's Magic Shop that I keep in my bar set. 

There is a section on the Cups and Balls but I would not recommend learning this particular trick from this book since it doesn't have a complete routine. There are better resources for the Cups and Balls.

Some great things in this book are;

Four Aces a trick where the aces vanish from the deck to the table.  

Colorized an effect where a card changes from dropping a deck down on a table. 
Breakthrough where a performer is tied with two ropes and can magically escape. 

50 Nifty Super Magic Tricks is a very easy book to read and will give any young aspiring magician some ideas for a show.

I do not know if you will find this book in your own library. I found mine in the section 793.8

If you cannot find it, there is a way to get it from amazon.com below.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How To Learn to be a magician. Magic Step By Step by Tom Russell

Here is another wonderful book to find in the library. I found it in the children's library in a whole section of books on magic. This book also is great for adults. It is called Magic Step by Step and it's authored by Tom Russell. It is 80 pages but don't let the small size fool you. It gets into the magic right at page 9 and goes through trick by trick from there.

Starting with Disappearing Acts, it shows making a thimble disappearing in a method that is used by accomplished magicians. It also shows great table vanishes like a salt shaker as well as sugar cube and coin magic.

In the Cards and Coins section. It first shows a trick my using the one way design principal with a deck of cards. With the trick Spelling Bee, it shows how to setup a deck of cards to spell to certain cards of a suit. There are also mathematical tricks along with a couple of stunts.

The next section is titled Ropes and Rings. I have a soft spot for Rope and Ring magic and I am happy aspiring magicians can learn some moves that I perform in my act. One effect is the one handed knot. Doing this move can be used as a stunt, a bet or just a flourish. The book describes how to cut and restore a rope, a genuine classic. There are a couple ring tricks using a large ring (2-5 inches) such as Ring Flip and Locking Ring. The section concludes with a rubber band and finger ring penetration.

There also is a section on Mental Magic. In this section it is all about reading minds or predictions. It is hard to describe the tricks without giving anything away but they are quality pieces and will depend on the performer how they would be delivered. I personally do not do much mentalism because I am a comedy performer and it doesn't fit my character but there are good tricks here.

Last there is Outrageous Others. This part continues with moves like the french drop, two paper clips joining from a dollar bill, broken toothpick, the egg drop soup stunt and others. There is one piece called Find the Rattle which is a very good trick that was also seen on Penn and Teller Fool Us tv show.

I found this book in the New Orleans Children's Resource Center in the Non Fiction 793.8
If you cannot find this book in your library, I have included the link below for purchase

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

While we are on tour we use these

When we travel, we like keeping tabs on our progress. We found these travel stickers on Amazon that do not cost a lot. You can put them on the outside of your vehicle. We make framed pictures from every tour but we love looking back at out travels.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Juggler and A Magician?

About 8 years ago, Rick the Juggler and tommEE pickles started a show called Rickles and Pickles. A unique act with two professional performers with different skills. This show is comprised on the merging of juggling and magic in a new way.

Rickles and Pickles perform at fairs and festivals throughout the USA and are proud members of the Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals.

You can see pictures of Rickles and Pickles or find the best festival performers at http://jugglerandmagician.com or reach them directly at 310-439-9301

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My favorite Danish Magician Book

Rune Klan is a very creative and funny magician. Several years ago with magician Joshua Jay, he created a book about his magic. Most magicians knew him for his coin work. I met Rune in Las Vegas at a magic convention and I got to see his creativity in person. So when a book was coming out, I was one of the first orders for this book.

The book is in three main parts with everything from close-up work leading into his stage show in a comic book format. The material is easy to read and understand and gives you insight to a comics perspective to magic. My favorite tricks are a pizza face effect and a mustache prediction.

The book is a little more expensive than other books but it is something that I will not get rid of. There is so much material unlike other magicians routines that help me create my own magic. I have seen Rune on several american TV shows and also know that he is a relevant star of our craft.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Best book to learn magic from!

I have a copy, most of the people I teach have a copy. It is Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. The Complete Course in Magic book have everything from self working tricks to large stage illusions. It goes through card magic, coin magic, mental magic, rope magic and so many other tricks and props that make this book the best value for the money when it comes to magic books.

I still use my own copy when looking for new ideas or something to get my creative juices flowing. You can get it in hard cover or paperback. If you want to be a magician or learn a couple of tricks, do not pass this one up.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Best Portable Amplifier I Have Used

I have used a lot of amplifiers. Large ones, small ones, wall-powered and battery. I am going to share a secret device in my inventory. It is a portable amplifier that is powered by a lithium battery and is loud enough for hundreds of spectators. It is the Hisonic HS120B Lithium Battery Rechargeable & Portable PA (Public Address) System with Built-in VHF Wireless Microphone, Car Cigarette Lighter Cable, Carrying Bag ,1 Hand Held +1 Body Pack.

I have used this on Bourbon Street in New Orleans without any issues. The bars around can hear my voice inside clear without any distortion. This amplifier does get people asking about it all the time. My friend, a juggler also bought and uses one himself. One of our favorites is the included car charger. What a time saver. I have seen similar products for $300-$350. This is, at the time of writing, only $99. Do yourself a favor and look at the Hisonic Portable PA and welcome a great weapon to your competition.

Let me show you how I learned magic

A lot of people ask me "Where can I learn magic?". Apart from my lessons I will usually point someone to the library. There is many things you can learn about magic in the library. It is especially good for children and their parents. Below are some links of some books and also videos explaining those books. Every book below was found in my local library and these or many more might be found in yours. Just explore Dewey Decimal 793.8 and you might find books there or look in the card catalog for magic, magicians, magic tricks or illusionists.

If you cannot get to the library or find these books, they are also found on Amazons site too. Below are some referral links to the books.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Secrets for a memorable party

Every loves to have fun and we all love gatherings. It is always great when your guests comment on how they enjoyed the event you put on. No one wants to see their guests leave early, look bored or yawn at your party. Here we will discuss several choices you can make when putting your next party together.

Before you start planning your event, think of what your guests and friends enjoy. Are they business collegues? Are they social companions? Think of conversations you have or things you have done. Do you go to bars with them? Do they sing karoke? Do you discuss sports? These are things that should be in your mind before you plan out your event.

Think about your guest list. It would be a shame putting enemies in the same room and having drama ruin an event. You should also think about the theme of the event when you are asking guests to come over. You wouldn't want your old boss listening to your favorite techno if he didn't listen or go to clubs with that type of music.

Ok, you have some ideas in your head but what are you planning. Do you want the party to be a social gathering? Is it a wine tasting? Are you planning on having people eat? Are you presenting something?

If you are having people socialize, some people on your guest list might be left out. A good way to have people feel more comfortable is to hire a magician. Having an entertainer bring groups together to watch something unexplanabe will loosen your guests up and they will have something in common that they can talk about.

If you are having a wine tasting, you might want to invest in some wine products such as nice glasses and decanters. You also could look into how your selections might be pairs with meat appitisers and cheeses. Taking a wine class couldn't hurt either. Making sure there are places to rest glasses near the seats are a must. It would be unfortuate to have guests hold glasses the whole night or spilling a beverage.

People love to eat but sometimes can be a difficult task if you aren't having the party catered. You are the host of your party and you should be socializing with your guests, not in the kitchen. Another thing to consider, if you plan on food, you have to schedule around peoples eating habits. Guests will get cranky if they are waiting on the food and who knows how much they will really eat.

You might want to present something in a party. It might be a tupperware party, sales pitch or possibly a something that people haven't experienced yet. No matter what it might be, a presentation might only last for a certain time. You guests will need to socialize after the presentation. You might use an entertainer here. With socail sistuations, distractions are very useful and can make the time that guests might be waiting for something, seem like the time has not been a factor. A magician or other strolling entertainment might improve the situation.

All of these suggestions are opinions but people love parties and I am a person.