Friday, February 25, 2011

David Stone Lecture

Wow, there are lectures and then there are journeys into a genius' mind. David Stone lectured at the Magic Apple yesterday. It was to be his only lecture in this area and it was attended by many. Dan and Dave Buck, Derek Hughes, Howard Hamburg, Joe Skilton were in attendance. It was a very funny lecture. David Stone is one of the great creative minds in magic. I have three of his DVDs and this lecture did add so much to the already awesome content. Watching him perform Quit Smoking was so cool too. Thanks to Brent Geris and the Magic Apple for making this lecture happen and thank you to David Stone, one of the great magicians of our time.

Thursday, February 24, 2011



Dodd Vickers According to, the hit Penn & Teller show "Fool Us" has been commissioned for a new six show series to screen later this year.

Peter Davey, executive producer, DCD Media-owned September Films said: "The special had an unbelievable response from the audience. It seems Penn, Teller, Jonathan and the Fool Us format have proved a truly magical combination."

Brendan of Irish Magic News also forwarded this info from the producers:

This is an open call to find the very best, either amateur or professional, and we are looking at every kind of magic so that we have as much variety as possible. We will be filming in a studio in London between May 14-May 20. We would need you to be available at times tbc within that window. You will also need to make yourself available for 1-2 days filming in the run up to the studio.

Please email asap for an application form! You can now find us on Facebook: ‘Fool Us’

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Magic Castle This Week

Check out Joe Monti, The Bornsteins and George-Robert this week and Alfonzo on the weekend.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

ITV orders 6 more episodes of Penn and Teller's Fool Us

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As first broken by Jonathan Ross on his Twitter. Penn & Teller Fool Us will be back on ITV with a six episode order. It was confirmed by Digital Spy today.

An ITV1 spokesperson confirmed to DS this afternoon that the series had been ordered by Elaine Bedell, Director of Entertainment and Comedy.


Teen magic competition doc Make Believe has been sold to Showtime, according to Variety.

The cable network will debut the film April 12 before a limited theatrical run in May. New York City and Los Angeles are among those likely to get the film the theaters.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another item I wouldn't mind

School of Busking

A buskers resource that any street performer should have.
If you want to learn to busk you need this DVD set.


£59.00 inc postage and handling World Wide.

Mario Morris - The Busker and Showman

  • Mario's Uncut Street Show - Vancouver
  • His lecture on Street Performing at the Blackpool Magic Convention
  • Bonus Material


Magic Convention Guide
".....A real wealth of practical information on the rudiments of street magic. A must see lecture....."


£22.25 inc postage and handling World Wide

Press the paypal button to make a payment

DVD Reviews

School of Busking Trailer

If you want to go out busking and not sure where to start you NEED this DVD set. If you are thinking about going out busking you NEED this DVD set. If you have been busking for years you need this DVD set. by Don Driver

Not just another DVD teaching you tricks. This 3 DVD multi pack is packed with the theory of street theatre and busking. Gazzo and Mario Morris don't hold back but give priceless tips on busking and street performing.
OVER 3 hours of Material!

DVD1 Mario Morris Lecture part one
DVD2 Mario Morris Lecture part tow
DVD3 Gazzo crowd drawing
Bonus Material

  • Mario's Uncut Street Show - Vancouver
  • His lecture on Street Performing at the Blackpool Magic Convention
  • Bonus Material

    This DVD set contains over 2 hours of material on the art of Street Performing, as well as drawing points direct from his street show in Vancouver. You can learn from his lecture given at the biggest magic convention in the world, to watching Mario's full uncut Street show in Vancouver which is over 45min. This disc also contains other bonus material.

    Blackpool Magic Convention Lecture
    • Mario's Story
    • The Three Woven Cord Strategy
    • Developing a Character
    • Attracting an Audience
    • Loud & Rude Method
    • Linking Ropes
    • Educating your Audience
    Mario's Uncut Street Show - watch Mario build a crowd from nothing to a sizable audience on a slow day in Vancouver.

    This disc also contains other bonus material.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Magic Castle This Week

Catch Toto, Jonathan Levit and Eric Buss. They won't disappoint.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Real Magic TV?

I decided to catch up on my Hulu today starting with The Office and 30 Rock but then searched for Magic. I wondered if there were any more additions of magic related content. I found Real Magic TV hosted by Jonathan Real. Granted this is from Jun 17, 2006 but he had Dan Aykroyd into the show. I thought it must be good. I hope Jonathan got better with his magic within the last five years. The show is basically Mr. Real meeting celebrities and doing some magic.. The magic I have seen him do was Daley's Last Trick, Card Warp, a version of Wayne Dobsons card stab. He definitely doesn't play big on the TV. People say any magic on TV is good for magic but unfortunately after seeing the first episode, I could only say this is borderline.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Steve Dacri has passed away


Yet another one of our amazing performers has been stolen from us by cancer. I have just learned of the passing of Steve Dacri. Anyone that laughs or casts aside thoughts of performing an effect using "sponge bunnies," never saw Steve perform. He did so much more than that, but it is the first thing that popped into my head. There aren't many details available as yet, but based upon the emails that I've received and the information that he had posted on his own blog, Steve had been battling cancer for some time and lost the fight early this morning. Vegas veteran Norm Clark was among the first to share the sad news. Obviously, Jan and his family and friends are in our thoughts as I write this.

Steve last discussed what he was going through on his blog on January 31st. You can read what he had to say at that time HERE. We'll miss you brother!

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Mandala Online


In the January/February issue of The Mandala read an exclusive interview with the late Bruce Cervon. Originally recorded in the summer of 1997, Bruce talks extensively about his mentor and friend Dai Vernon. This interview has never been published until now; in it Bruce talks about the early years of the Magic Castle, his relationship with Vernon and Larry Jennings, and relates many humorous anecdotes starring The Professor and other magic notables.
Also, author Rick Lax offers a photo essay covering his “behind the scenes” encounters while writing his newest book Fool Me Once. See photos that didn’t make the final published work, and read stories behind the stories that appear in his book.
Plus, you’ll find all the great columns that make The Mandala unique featuring regular columnists Tom Burgoon, Tony Clark, Rich Cowley, Keith Dion, Brent Geris, Paul Romhany, Lou Serrano, and Kris Sheppard.

Monday, February 7, 2011

This week at the Magic Castle

Don''t miss Shoot Ogawa this week at the Castle. Pop Hayden is also in the W.C. Fields Bar this weekend.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magic TV tonight

NOVA scienceNOW
Wednesday, February 2nd, PBS
Penn & Teller, Mac King, and Apollo Robbins appear on the PBS NOVA scienceNOW show on magic and the brain. The program's website offers the following description:

Tapping into social cues to trick their audience, magicians rely on a phenomenon called joint attention. Most audience members will pay attention to what a magician is looking at—so a magician can direct their attention away by looking in the opposite direction. People on the autistic spectrum can have trouble picking up on the cues of joint attention and may not be fooled by a magician's sleight of hand. Researchers are now looking to magic as a useful technique to teach children with autism how to read social cues.

To watch a video, go to

Since PBS does not have a national schedule, check your local listings for show times.

EMC DVD's are almost here. Wow, almost forgot about them

So I just got this in the old email box today. It was stating the Essential Magic Conference DVD's are almost here. It's like waiting for Little Man from Paul Harris. Remember, this was a filmed and streamed conference July 2010. So, only about 7 months ago. Finally, the Magic Castle Library will be able to share these among the many who attended the viewing that Bill Goodwin and I planned.

Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.
Essential Magic Conference
the DVDs are almost here

We have been working really hard on these and trying to make them the very best we can. They are packed with great material. If you registered for EMC 2010 you will receive the DVDs as part of your subscription. The DVD box set will be sent to you completely free of charge. It is a thank you from us to you for having the faith to register for our conference.

Shipping is imminent. So please make sure that your correct postal address is registered on your Member Profile on our EMC website. Do it now!

If you did not register for EMC 2010 you can buy the DVD box set from your favourite magic dealer.

awesome event,
an incredible set of DVDs

There is no doubt that EMC 2010 was a remarkable event, the world’s first internet conference for magic and magicians. Every moment was captured on hi-quality video and audio and is now available on a special EMC Box Set of DVDs. Here is what you can expect to find.

33 magicians on 8 DVDs

Actually there were 34 magicians at EMC 2010 because FISM President Eric Eswin also managed to join us. Every lecture and performance given at EMC is on the DVDs, together with our Discussion Panels, Q&As, Bonus Tricks from Max Maven and T. A. Waters and our Passion for Magic videos. That’s 16 hours of magical material. Also included are the complete chat logs, hundreds of pages of online chat. Check out what our registrants were talking about throughout the conference. We think our production team has done a wonderful job!

an amazing line-up

The 8 DVDs contain performances and lectures from some of the world’s top magicians...

Here are the dates for this year’s Essential Magic Conference. It will take place on7 to 9 of July 2011.
We will announce guests and events nearer the date. Subscriptions will be announced in due time.
For now, just make a date in your diary. 7th July to 9th July 2011.
We look forward to seeing you all there!

Remember EMC2010?


Special Interview with
David Berglas

Here is a wonderful last minute treat from one of EMC's most enthusiastic supporters. An exclusive interview with the legendary David Berglas is now available for viewing. Here he talks about his inspirations and passion for magic as well as the famous Berglas Effect. It's a chance to learn from one of the most remarkable magicians of our time.


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