Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magic TV tonight

NOVA scienceNOW
Wednesday, February 2nd, PBS
Penn & Teller, Mac King, and Apollo Robbins appear on the PBS NOVA scienceNOW show on magic and the brain. The program's website offers the following description:

Tapping into social cues to trick their audience, magicians rely on a phenomenon called joint attention. Most audience members will pay attention to what a magician is looking at—so a magician can direct their attention away by looking in the opposite direction. People on the autistic spectrum can have trouble picking up on the cues of joint attention and may not be fooled by a magician's sleight of hand. Researchers are now looking to magic as a useful technique to teach children with autism how to read social cues.

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Since PBS does not have a national schedule, check your local listings for show times.