Friday, December 27, 2013

Magic on TV

Here is what is coming up on the TV in the near future.

Scambushed Scambushed
Sunday, December 29th, 7 and 7:30 p.m. E/P, Travel Channel 
Gregory Wilson, along with co-starts Brittany, Adam, and Chelsea, visit sight-seeing locations in and around Los Angeles to pickpocket, scam, con, and rob unsuspecting tourists in two 30-minute, back-to-back pilot episodes. 

Don't Trust Andrew Mayne 
Monday, January 13th, 10 p.m. E/P, A& E 
Andrew Mayne's new series, Don't Trust Andrew Mayne, premieres on January 13th. This is the first of ten episodes ordered by A&E. Read our exclusive behind-the-scenes story in your January issue. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

MAGIC Magazine Preview - January 2014


MAGIC Magazine January 2014 CoverMAGIC Magazine January 2014From The Editor

The January 2013 issue, which is now out, might feel a bit like a medical journal, in part because of the article about David Oliver. It's an amazing story of a magician who spent twenty-plus years freely giving his time to help young magicians and then found himself in need of help. A few pages later, we start out a profile on Gary Peterson with the words "Your child has six months to live." And then there's our follow-up with Wayne Houchin, one year after he was brutally burned while appearing on a television show in the Dominican Republic. All three of these stories could have ended in disaster — but they don't!

Also, there's quite a bit of news this month, especially with a new TV series starring Andrew Mayne. It premiers on A&E in January, and we have the exclusive behind-the-scenes story. Plus, coverage of magic in Los Angeles, London, and Singapore. Scroll down to see what's coming your way. Happy New Year!

And thanks for your continuing support…

Stan Allen

P.S. MAGIC Magazine is also available for the iPad. The cost is only $3.99 per issue, and it arrives within a few minutes. Best of all, you only buy it once, then you own it forever and can enjoy it wherever you want.

David Oliver
Stories in MAGIC this month:
It's Wonderful — Life
By Mike Bent
In his magic career, David Oliver was known for mentoring and unfailingly helping others. When he was diagnosed with a fatal lung disease stemming from his many years of performing with birds, the magic community returned the favors, helping David beat the odds with a double lung transplant.

Andrew MayneDon't Trust Andrew Mayne
By Rory Johnston
When magician and trick inventor Andrew Mayne takes to the streets, peculiar things happen — sometimes just puzzling, sometimes teaching a victim a lesson, and all captured on a new A&E television series.

Harry MontiHarry Monti: Conjuring, Cups, and Castle
By Randy Kalin and Alan Howard
Last November, Harry Monti set a record unlikely to be beaten: performing at the Magic Castle every year for the past half-century. And that's just one of the many accomplishments of this magician, escape artist, and creator of enduring magic props.

History ConferenceSnapshots of History
By Stan Allen
Every two years, the Los Angeles Conference on Magic History is held by invitation only. The 2013 edition featured another enviable display of classic magic and scholarly presentations.

Gary PetersonGary Peterson, Making His Case
By Rory Johnston
After leaving a career in magic to become one of the world's leading builders of shipping cases, Gary Peterson returned to his performance roots by creating his own theater within his manufacturing plant and warehouse.

Plus Updates on…
    Play Dead
  • Play Dead in California
  • The new Cardini display at the Magic Castle
  • The International Magic Convention in London
  • An interview with Wayne Houchin, one year after his burning incident
  • Lawrence and Priscilla Khong's Vision show
  • Performance news on Justin Willman, Mac King, and Criss Angel
  • Remembrances of Parker Swan and Roland Hill

Bonus Content in MAGIC Plus
  • Video teaser of Don't Trust Andrew Mayne on A&E
  • Additional photos of the Cardini display, the International Magic Convention, and Vision.
  • Jason England's videos on "In One: David Solomon"
  • Convention Podcast: Abbott's Close-up Convention

Products reviewed this month:

Fifteen products are reviewed this month by Gabe Fajuri, Peter Duffie, Jared Brandon Kopf, Francis Menotti, Arthur Trace:
Japan Ingenious: A Compendium
     by Steve Cohen and Richard Kaufman
Tick Tock by Sean Goodman
Intercessor 2.0 by Gaëtan Bloom
Sneak Peek by Spidey
Circuit by Zach Heath
The Carey Collection
     Vols. 1 & 2
 by John Carey
The Magic Apple Live! by Brent Arthur James Geris
Greater Magic by John Northern Hilliard
L&D by Lennart Green and Dani DaOrtiz Marketplace
Invisible Magic by Dr. Simon J. Carmel
Clarity Box by David Regal
Seventeen Secrets from the Hat & Rabbit Club
     Vols. 1 & 2
 by IBM Ring 17
The Eden Project by G. Clarke
Rosepad by Martin Lewis
The Lookout Wallet by Paul Carnazzo

Tricks and advice this month:
David SolomonIan RowlandMike BentRichard HatchMike CaveneySimon Coronel
In One
David Solomon
Over the past five years, David Solomon has published 55 monthly installments of his e-zine, the Card Magic Bulletin, and his name has been a prominent one in the realm of card magic for much longer than that. The four effects in MAGIC Magazine this month follow typify David's brand of card magic: classic effects that are direct and easy to follow, but each one reworked with well-considered and subtle touches that will not only take in anyone "in the know," but will deeply fool those who are not.

Loving Mentalism: Vision in Gold
Ian Rowland
A familiar plot with a very unfamiliar ending is on offer this month. You scribble a prediction in pencil on the back of your business card. Three selected objects are arranged in a row. Their order is rearranged according to the audience's free choices. That's right, the audience freely chooses how to rearrange the objects. Clearly, the point of this exercise is that your written prediction will correctly name the chosen order. It's the sort of thing that could be achieved using a nail writer or similar device to "cheat" the prediction before the big reveal. This is what suspicious minds might suspect, and you encourage their suspicions. When you turn over your prediction, it becomes clear that you only pretended to write something at the start. In fact, the prediction message is preprinted on the back of the card, and embossed in gold ink. The prediction is 100 percent correct, and it's ungaffed, so you can give it away.

Bent on Deception: A Fly on the Wall
Mike Bent
The SAM Annual convention was being held in Boston in 1981, and Ray Goulet was the head honcho. A few weeks before the show, John Calvert, the convention's star attraction, came to town. He and his wife, Tammy, stayed at Ray's home, and the Magic Art Studio became their base of operations. Was I impressed? No. I had never even heard of John Calvert.

Creative Play: Building Blocks
Tracy Atteberry & David Parr
The creative process is a personal reflection of our individual quirks, habits, and preferences. What works for one person might not work for someone else. Similarly, what works well for tackling a particular creative challenge might not be well suited to working on a different one, which is probably why Stewart James developed and collected a great variety of creative tools. In the "Creative Play" series, we too have provided a variety of approaches, so you can experiment with them and use the ones you find most appealing.

Real-World Methods: Booking Referral Websites
Richard Hatch
Let's say you don't yet have a website or that your website is not yet bringing you the number and quality of leads that you'd like. This article will examine alternative booking referral websites that may prove helpful until your own website starts to bring in the leads.

Classic Correspondence from Egyptian Hall Museum: Chefalo to LeRoy
Mike Caveney
After a two-year hiatus, we now begin 24 new installments of this column with a short, handwritten note from the Italian illusionist Chefalo. Raffaele Chefalo immigrated from Italy to America in 1900. As a young man, he worked in a Boston barbershop that was conveniently located near the well-established magic shop of W.D. LeRoy. It was during this time that young Raffaele's interest in magic blossomed. It's impossible to imagine that Raffaele didn't, at the very least, become a customer of LeRoy's and quite possibly a student at his school of magic.

For What It's Worth: OMG! Maturity!
Mark Kornhauser
As it turns out, life is not fair. Childhood influences are disproportionately powerful. Kids lucky enough to be influenced by theater arts will develop an appreciation of acting, music, technology, and the meaning of the art form. Those kids have a much better start in the world of magic than that clever, hard working junior high school kid who has never seen anything other than YouTube clips, and his Uncle Morrie doing Sponge Balls.

Walkabout Soup: Performance Enhancing Drugs
Simon Coronel
Of all the things I've ever done for a magic act, furtively taking drugs in an airplane bathroom is definitely one of the most — let's say, memorable. The drugs themselves were perfectly legal, though the reason I was taking them was more of a gray area.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh its that time of year

I have been doing a bunch of volunteering of my magic services but that has led to me not being able to afford much luxury for myself. Christmas is around the corner and my birthday is also. Here are some things that would make my season brighter.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Maybe someone needs an idea for my Birthday or Christmas


An Unbelievable Promotion
on Pure Smoke

Never-before-seen savings on this incredible system...

Holiday Special Promotion - Price Reduction to $99
Priced at $147 each, Pure Smoke has sold countless thousands of units to magicians all around the globe, from David Copperfield to Calen Morelli, becoming the most raved about smoke machine in the world.

To kick off our holiday season this year, we’re starting by making it easier for you to own this incredible device. Until the 31st of December, we’re offering Pure Smoke atjust $99 per unit. THAT'S OVER 30% OFF!
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... When you purchase Pure Smoke we’re also giving you the Pure Smoke Masterclass Training DVD with Greg Wilson to download absolutely FREE!
This DVD contains 10 Complete Routines with Pure Smoke from the visionary mind of Greg Wilson - PLUS an additional 14 mini-tricks called ‘Enhancements’.
All together this package would usually cost OVER $200, but until December 31st, you get the complete Pure Smoke system - plus an EXTRA box of 10 refills (that’s over 800 uses) PLUS the Masterclass Training DVD - all for just $99.

Every single unit that leaves our warehouse is hand-tested by us and guaranteed to produce billowing clouds of smoke right out of the box.
In fact, we’re so confident that you’re going to love the New modular Pure Smoke that if for any reason in the next 4 months you are not completely satisfied with your unit, we will replace it - at no cost to you.
That’s our 'Full On' 120 Day Replacement Guarantee. This special price will only last until December 31st, 2013 or while stocks last - so click on any of the links in this email to add the PureSmoke System to your cart NOW. 
Got some unique content for the ezine? Reach us at; | LLC
866 244 2426 | P.O. Box 11623, San Rafael CA

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Magic on TV

As reported by Magic Magazine, here is the latest magic news, on and off the air. 

Home and Family Ivan
Thursday, October 31st, 10am E/P, 9 CT, Hallmark 
Ivan Amodei, dressed as Harry Houdini, performs a head-on-fire effect on the daily talk show, airing on the anniversary of the legendary magician's death. 

Criss Angel BeLIEve 
BeLIEve, Criss Angel's eleven-part series, is airing and re-airing on the Spike network. Click here for the latest scheduling information. 

Robin Leach reported today that Criss will be undergoing surgery on his shoulder, which will result in his live Las Vegas show going dark for the first three months of 2014. To read the complete story, click here

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Magic Magazine November 2013 Preview

I received my issue yesterday but here is the teaser...


MAGIC Magazine November 2013 CoverMAGIC Magazine November 2013From The Editor

When planning the recent MAGIC Live, we all knew there were going to be a couple of emotional moments: Jeff McBride interviewing Wayne Dobson; and Johnny and Pam performing their bird act for the last time. But there were also a few emotional surprises, one of which was Kevin Spencer's talk on the Healing of Magic. So, we've asked Kevin to tell the story "one more time" — in print. Well, not just in print. We're also posting the video of his entire MAGIC Live presentation on the MAGIC Plus page this month. After you've read it or watched it or both, give some thought to how you can use your magic to help others.

Thanks for your continuing support…

Stan Allen

P.S. The November 2013 issue of MAGIC Magazine is now out. If you haven't already received your copy, here's a look at what's "between the covers."


Stories in MAGIC this month:

Fabrini! An Artist in Two Realms
By Kevin James
The comedy magic act of Vik & Fabrini came to the attention of the magic world when they won a major prize at FISM in 1988. While they have been employed continuously since that time, Fabrini has also followed a different artistic path, creating fantastic and unusual works of art.

Gentleman Jack
An Aristocrat Among Pickpockets
By Kenny Quinn
Danish magician Tommy Iversen crafted an international career as a pickpocket without really planning to do so. Yet once his wife and his agent agreed they could do something new, Gentleman Jack was soon born, charming audiences the world over while comically lightening their pockets.

Kevin Spencer
The Healing of Magic
By Kevin Spencer
As Kevin Spencer gradually built his own touring show of grand illusion, he didn't think there could be anything better. But he was wrong. Once he discovered the therapeutic, healing power of prestidigitation, a new world opened up for him — a world he has shared with many others.

Dale Scott
When Magic Comes to Town
By Mike Heidtman
Billed as "The Future of Magic," the themed, character-driven magic and illusions of Dale Scott and Ana have taken them around the world — quite a journey for this boy from a show business family in Ohio and a fitness instructor from Spain.

MAGIC Update
Plus Updates on…
  • Bedrocktoberfest: Music, Magic, and Beer in Los Angeles
  • Encontros Magicos in Portugal
  • A Moment With… America's Got Talent Finalist Collins Key
  • The Illusionists second unit and UK television special
  • Nothing to Hide in New York City
  • Harry Houdini returns to the UK
  • Farewells to John Calvert, Dick Newton, Jon LeClair, and Greg Farmer
Bonus Content for the November issue…
  • More of Fabrini's paintings and cartoons
  • Video of Kevin Spencer's "Healing of Magic" talk at MAGIC Live!
  • Video clip from More Alike Than Different
  • Jason England on "Flashback: Inner-Workings"
  • Convention Podcast: Daytona Festival of Magic

Products reviewed this month:

Sixteen products are reviewed this month by Peter Duffie, Jared Brandon Kopf, Francis Menotti, Arthur Trace:

Full Bloom by Gaëtan Bloom Full Bloom
MOVEMiNT by Darryl Vanamburg
F---ing Coins with Clément Kerstenne
     and Philippe Bougard
Inexplicable by Steve Shufton
Wedge by Jesse Feinberg
Way Out by Marc Oberon Full Bloom
Clued In by Dick Steiner
The Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks by Keith Clark
Royal Fantasy by Lubor Fiedler
PaC Stack by Paul Carnazzo
The Heinous Collection, Volume 1:
     False Shuffles & Cuts
 with Karl Hein
Modern Triumph by Michael "Six" Muldoon
The Crusade: A Mind Reader's ACAAN by Andrew Brown & Atlas Brookings
Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks, Vol. 2
     presented by Big Blind Media
Emotional Mentalism by Luca Volpe

And there's even more tricks and advice this month:
Ian RowlandRichard KaufmanJamie D. GrantMilt LarsenMark Kornhauser
Loving Mentalism: Trick Photography
Ian Rowland
The effect in this month's edition of "Loving Mentalism" is very simple: using your psychic energy, you are able to warp and distort a photo stored on your cell phone. The photo is openly displayed at the start, and it is clear that you do not switch the photo or open a different one. The spectators check the results for themselves, without your touching or handling the phone at all, and yet the photo they saw before is now warped and distorted as if zapped by psychic energy. This is a low-tech idea that will work with any phone capable of storing a photographic image.

Flashback: Inner-Workings
Richard Kaufman
Over the last 22 years, we've been proud to present some incredible magic on the pages of this magazine. Close-up to stage, kids to mentalism — it could (and did) fill volumes! This month, we're "flashing back" to the very beginning, 1991, to revisit three routines from the early issues of MAGIC Magazine: Twisted Trio by Larry Jennings, Michael Skinner, and Derek Dingle (September 1991); The Duck Change by Hiro Sakai (September 1991); and Passage To China by Giovanni Livera (December 1991).

First Look: The Approach
Jamie D. Grant
For over a decade, Jamie D. Grant has entertained thousands of people from all walks of life, having been asked — and paid — to bring people to a place of joy and wonder. In his new book, The Approach, he strives to turn readers into working magicians and gives a detailed account of what a journey to success will require.

Bent on Deception: Women! Can't Live With Them…
No, Wait, Actually You Can!

Mike Bent
I hate blanket statements. And in the magic world, the dumbest of dumb blanket statements start with the words "Women can't," "Women aren't," or "Women shouldn't." You've probably dealt with blanket criticism. I know I have. Here's an example, as well as some advice for male readers and some advice for female readers.

50 Years at the Castle: Fifty years of Fires, Riots, Floods, and Earthquakes
Milt Larsen
California is known as "the land of shake 'n' bake." Yes, we do have more than our share of earthquakes and fires but, all in all, it's a great place to live. There is no doubt that the sunny climate of California helped ensnare magicians from the East to set up stakes in Southern California so they could be near the "cathedral of conjuring" in Hollywood.
Still, we have to wonder if there isn't an umbrella of magical force that protects those who choose the life of magic.

For What It's Worth: The Legend of Sir Pat-Trick and Saint Joanie
Mark Kornhauser
Something happened at MAGIC Live that still lingers in my head. Patrick Thernes bared his heart and soul to 1,500 of the most jaded magicians in America. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" they said. And while it is unfortunate that there are not enough Joanie Spina units to go around, the Legend of Sir Pat-Trick should be an inspiration not only for a legion of future Sir Pat-Tricks, but also for other Joanie Spinas. We could use more of both.

Paynefully Obvious: Big Fish
For 31 years, much to the consternation of my ever-suffering wife, I spent the waning days of summer performing at a little Medieval Faire not too far from my home. Well, to be fair, the first couple of years I lived over 100 miles away, so it took three hours to get there. I eventually moved to a city much closer to the site. Which is one of the reasons I performed there for over three decades. At least, that's what I told myself. Truth be told, the main reason I stayed there was that I'm lazy. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Magic on TV

Here are a couple television items that you might be interested in. Ariann Black

Grey's Anatomy 
Thursday, October 10th, 9/8 p.m., ABC 
Ariann Black will be making a magical guest appearance on the 200th episode of Grey's Anatomy. The show revolves around a party, at which Ariann is the magician. 

Criss Angel BeLIEve 
Tuesday, October 8th, 11 p.m. ET/PT, Spike 
While his new eleven-part series, Criss Angel BeLIEve, is scheduled to debut on October 15th, Spike TV has a "Sneak Peek" listed on Tuesday, October 8th at 11 p.m. The "Sneak Peek" is repeated a few hours later at 2 a.m. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

From Breaking Magic to Return for Second Season

congrats to all the magicians on the show.

The gang of magicians behind Breaking Magic (aka The Science of Magic) willreturn for a 14 episode second season.
The series has been shooting throughout Europe over the past few months. Fans will notice one major change, James Galea of the first incarnation has been swapped out for Nate Staniforth in the new eps. Original Breakers Billy Kidd, Wayne Houchin and Ben Hanlin remain.
Congrats to the team and Objective productions (Derren Brown, Barry and Stuart, The Real Hustle) for another successful magic franchise.
The press release came from Discovery Networks International and touted a premiere across 224 countries in February 2014. It wasn’t clear on if us Americans will get a chance to see it on the mothership network, hopefully we can get clarification on that going forward.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Magic Magazine Preview for October 2013


MAGIC Magazine Month October 2013MAGIC Magazine October 2013From The Editor

The October 2013 issue of MAGIC Magazine is now out. If you haven't already received your a copy, here's a look at what's "between the covers."

MAGIC Magazine is also available for the iPad. The cost is only $3.99 per issue, and it arrives within a few minutes. Best of all, you only buy it once, then you own it forever and can enjoy it wherever you want.

Thanks for your continuing support…

Stan Allen

More stories in MAGIC this month:

Justin WillmanJustin Willman
By Jaq Greenspon
For Justin Willman, breaking both arms as a child may have been the best thing that ever happened to him. Recuperating from the accident set him on the road to magic when he learned card tricks as therapy. In the twenty years that have followed, he's become a rising star — first as Justin Kredible, dominating the college market with his comedy magic shows, and now under his real name as magician, comedian, and television show host, careers that are increasingly overlapping.


Friends With Benefits
Words by Shawn McMaster, Photos by David Linsell
Shawn McMaster journeyed through the desert to attend the 2013 edition of MAGIC Live, the sometimes biennial, sometimes triennial gathering in Las Vegas. The theme this year was "Friends," and Shawn joined 1,500 friends in watching and participating in shows, talks, games, sessions, and more, all created to bring the pages ofMAGIC Magazine to life. David Linsell took nearly as many photos as there were participants, capturing the event for all to relive and share.

Chip Romero and Doug Henning's Shadow BoxA Tribute to Doug Henning
By Greg Curtis
Doug Henning has always been Chip Romero's magical hero. Chip has invested considerable time and money in researching Henning's work, and in purchasing props used by Doug throughout his career. On August 31, Chip took the stage at the TAOM convention in Dallas to share his knowledge and exhibit some of his collection, giving attendees a unique glimpse into the mind and skills of one of the most famous magicians of modern history.

Monday Night MagicPlus Updates on…
  • Monday Night Magic's 800th show.
  • Hofzinser's Memorial Ring awarded.
  • A Moment with… Sir Pat-Trick, who kick-started
    a career at MAGIC Live!
  • A Moment with… The Great Tomsoni, who retired
    an act at MAGIC Live!
  • MAGIC Magazine "Conventions at a Glance."
  • Farewells to J.P. Jackson, Gertrude Smith,
    and Mandrake the Magician.

Bonus Content for the October issue…
  • Justin Willman on Youtube's Big Live Comedy Show
  • Friends from MAGIC Live!
  • Chip Romero performing Doug Henning's Shadow Box.
  • Jason England on "First Look: High Caliber" by John Bannon.
  • Convention Podcasts: Daytona Festival of Magic.

More products reviewed this month:

Sixteen products are reviewed this month by Michael Claxton, Peter Duffie, Jason England, Jared Brandon Kopf, Francis Menotti, Arthur Trace:

Mike CaveneyMike Caveney Wonders and The Conference Illusions
     by Mike Caveney
Gerti by Romanos
The Modern Billet by Allen Zingg
Nestor Hato
Uprising by Richard Sanders
Oscar Muñoz Live! with Oscar Muñoz
Miracles of the Mind, Vols. 1 & 2 by T.A. Waters
Cardfixes by Jon Racherbaumer
Woes of a Wizard by David Devant
Mike CaveneyElectric Touch Plus by Yigal Mesika
TTTCBE by Roberto Giobbi
High Caliber by John Bannon
Subtle Card Creations, Vol. 4 by Nick Trost
Reading Writing by Ariel Frailich
Jarrow: Life of a Vaudeville Headliner by David Charvet
Pro Toolkit from Mechanic Industries

And there's even more tricks and advice this month:
Ian RowlandKevin JamesGaetan BloomJohn BannonMike BentMilt Larsen
Loving Mentalism: Oriental
Ian Rowland
This month's slice of mentalism is a close-up item you can carry with you so it's always ready to go. After some introductory patter, you show a spectator a list of seven different qualities that might be considered important in a relationship: Respect, Empathy and so on. You invite the spectator to just think of one (free choice, nothing written down). You then read her mind and tell her which of these seven words she's thinking of! Not a bad impromptu miracle. Does it work as cleanly as this every time? No, but when it doesn't the result is even better, more fun and more intriguing!

Les Amis: Forgetful Freddy Lives
Gaëtan Bloom & Kevin James
KEVIN: I was always amused by some of the plots from older magic routines. One that struck my interest as a kid, while I was memorizing the big fat Abbott's catalog, was the routine called Forgetful Freddy. You have a wooden cutout of a boy. His little flat wooden head vanishes and, in order to restore him, you blow up a balloon, tie it to his headless neck, pop it, and he is back to normal. I just love that idea. So I thought, Why not do it with a real, living human?

First Look - High Caliber: Bullet Catcher, Drop Target Aces, and The Bannon Triumph
John Bannon
John Bannon says he has always tried to write "as though the interaction of the session was present. Not as a teacher, but as a colleague." He has taken this approach once again in his latest book, High Caliber. The text is a collection of all the material John Bannon has published in booklets, magazines, and elsewhere — often "overhauled" for republication — since the release of his previous book nearly ten years ago. The three excerpts in this issue present a sample of Bannon's thoughts and his effects with a pack of cards. As John says, "While I hope you like the tricks, with any luck, maybe you'll end up feeling like we've spent some time together on one of our favorite subjects."

Bent on Deception: Polly Wants a Makeover
Mike Bent
One of my favorite "go-to" tricks is Jolly Polly, a Monte effect with three empty cages. Invented by Edwin Hooper and Ian Adair — the Lennon and McCartney of children's magic — the game is to find Polly the elusive parrot, who is eventually discovered to have disappeared and then reappeared inside a cage that has been under a cloth since the beginning of the routine. This month's offering is Jolly Polly with a twist, a year-round version that I call Show Me the Bunny!

50 Years at the Castle: Boo! Fifty Years of Ghosts, Spirits, and Mediums, Rare and Well Done!
Milt Larsen
October has always been a month of worldwide magical interest. In the autumn evenings, kids sit around campfires and listen to ghost stories. Over the past fifty years, the Magic Castle has had its share of spooky, unexplained happenings. I've collected a number of these stories from members, and a few are my personal experiences. Is the Castle haunted? Judge for yourself.

Creative Play: Snoit P. Mussa
Tracy Atteberry & David Parr
This month's creative game begins in the familiar way: write down your creative challenge, stating it as clearly as you can. For instance, let's say you'd like to create a new magic show. Next, make a list of assumptions about your chosen subject. Write down every assumption you can think of, no matter how obvious it seems. We came up with the quite a list of common assumptions about magic shows.

For What It's Worth: We Are All 793.8
Mark Kornhauser
There were 73 interviews in the First Trick project at MAGIC Live, with about an equal mix of professional and amateur magicians. Many great moments were recorded in the 14 hours and 111 gigabytes. The accidental circumstances that surrounded these stories were a reminder that a fortunate perfect storm made us who we are today. If you had gotten a Hohner harmonica for Christmas instead of that Sneaky Pete Magic Kit, you might be in a blues band right now. What was so great about these early experiences? How could the Nickels to Dimes change so many lives?

Paynefully Obvious: Why Do We Repeat Ourselves?
In 1936, Tommy Tucker stood before an audience and counted out a packet of six cards. From this he threw three cards away, and yet, as we now know all too well, he was still left with six cards. Little did Mr. Tucker realize that this seemingly innocuous act would release upon the magic community a bevy of copyists that would remain unsurpassed until Bob Carver showed the world what could be accomplished with three seemingly unequal lengths of rope.