Wednesday, February 2, 2011


from Magic News

Congratulations go out to David and Alizee on the birth of their first child, a healthy baby girl, in New York last week! According to the New York Post, their trip to the hospital for the delivery was almost as exciting as some of the endurance feats for which he is known because of snow storms blanketing the area.

When Guinochet started to have contractions, illusionist Blaine, 37, jumped into action, heading out of his Village apartment, hoping to conjure up a cab. But none appeared. "The doorman and people on the street tried to help him flag down a taxi. But there were absolutely no cars on the road," said a source

Then, an increasingly panicked Blaine tried calling several car services, but couldn't get any to come out in the storm, despite begging them and saying his baby was on the way, our source related.

Finally, a snow plow run by a private contractor came around the corner, and Blaine flagged it down. The driver scooped up the couple and gave them a ride to the hospital.