Thursday, August 3, 2017

How to learn magic, Amazing Magic Tricks Apprentice Level

Oh the wonders you will find in the public library. Today I found Amazing Magic Tricks Apprentice Level by Norm Barnhart. It is part of a set of four books by the same author. I would have started with the  Amazing Magic Tricks Beginner Level, but that was not available.

This book and the other appear to be very short. The Apprentice Level book only has 32 pages with 10 tricks. The book is loaded with photgraphs and explanations about the tricks. 

In the first couple of pages, Norm relays the main rules of magic, such as secrets and practicing. He does add another note about Magician's Assistants. He does go through the common rules with some explanation. He also talks about creating a case for your magic props and also making a magic wand. 

I actually liked a bunch of the tricks here. There are tricks very appropriate for the younger kids but also can apply to adults just as well. At least two of the tricks employ the use of an assistant which helps kids as they start magic. There is also tricks with making up folders or bags to accomplish many things. Two tricks I liked were a a popped balloon is blown back up and another where a puzzle is magically solved.

There is a small glossary in the back and some site you can go to find out more. I was a little skeptical about the online content but I actually thought it was very age appropriate. It showed more magic tricks and referenced more magic books. This is a great book that I found in my local library and I have included a link in case you cannot find it in yours.