Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How To Learn to be a magician. Magic Step By Step by Tom Russell

Here is another wonderful book to find in the library. I found it in the children's library in a whole section of books on magic. This book also is great for adults. It is called Magic Step by Step and it's authored by Tom Russell. It is 80 pages but don't let the small size fool you. It gets into the magic right at page 9 and goes through trick by trick from there.

Starting with Disappearing Acts, it shows making a thimble disappearing in a method that is used by accomplished magicians. It also shows great table vanishes like a salt shaker as well as sugar cube and coin magic.

In the Cards and Coins section. It first shows a trick my using the one way design principal with a deck of cards. With the trick Spelling Bee, it shows how to setup a deck of cards to spell to certain cards of a suit. There are also mathematical tricks along with a couple of stunts.

The next section is titled Ropes and Rings. I have a soft spot for Rope and Ring magic and I am happy aspiring magicians can learn some moves that I perform in my act. One effect is the one handed knot. Doing this move can be used as a stunt, a bet or just a flourish. The book describes how to cut and restore a rope, a genuine classic. There are a couple ring tricks using a large ring (2-5 inches) such as Ring Flip and Locking Ring. The section concludes with a rubber band and finger ring penetration.

There also is a section on Mental Magic. In this section it is all about reading minds or predictions. It is hard to describe the tricks without giving anything away but they are quality pieces and will depend on the performer how they would be delivered. I personally do not do much mentalism because I am a comedy performer and it doesn't fit my character but there are good tricks here.

Last there is Outrageous Others. This part continues with moves like the french drop, two paper clips joining from a dollar bill, broken toothpick, the egg drop soup stunt and others. There is one piece called Find the Rattle which is a very good trick that was also seen on Penn and Teller Fool Us tv show.

I found this book in the New Orleans Children's Resource Center in the Non Fiction 793.8
If you cannot find this book in your library, I have included the link below for purchase