Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My favorite Danish Magician Book

Rune Klan is a very creative and funny magician. Several years ago with magician Joshua Jay, he created a book about his magic. Most magicians knew him for his coin work. I met Rune in Las Vegas at a magic convention and I got to see his creativity in person. So when a book was coming out, I was one of the first orders for this book.

The book is in three main parts with everything from close-up work leading into his stage show in a comic book format. The material is easy to read and understand and gives you insight to a comics perspective to magic. My favorite tricks are a pizza face effect and a mustache prediction.

The book is a little more expensive than other books but it is something that I will not get rid of. There is so much material unlike other magicians routines that help me create my own magic. I have seen Rune on several american TV shows and also know that he is a relevant star of our craft.