Saturday, March 25, 2017

Secrets for a memorable party

Every loves to have fun and we all love gatherings. It is always great when your guests comment on how they enjoyed the event you put on. No one wants to see their guests leave early, look bored or yawn at your party. Here we will discuss several choices you can make when putting your next party together.

Before you start planning your event, think of what your guests and friends enjoy. Are they business collegues? Are they social companions? Think of conversations you have or things you have done. Do you go to bars with them? Do they sing karoke? Do you discuss sports? These are things that should be in your mind before you plan out your event.

Think about your guest list. It would be a shame putting enemies in the same room and having drama ruin an event. You should also think about the theme of the event when you are asking guests to come over. You wouldn't want your old boss listening to your favorite techno if he didn't listen or go to clubs with that type of music.

Ok, you have some ideas in your head but what are you planning. Do you want the party to be a social gathering? Is it a wine tasting? Are you planning on having people eat? Are you presenting something?

If you are having people socialize, some people on your guest list might be left out. A good way to have people feel more comfortable is to hire a magician. Having an entertainer bring groups together to watch something unexplanabe will loosen your guests up and they will have something in common that they can talk about.

If you are having a wine tasting, you might want to invest in some wine products such as nice glasses and decanters. You also could look into how your selections might be pairs with meat appitisers and cheeses. Taking a wine class couldn't hurt either. Making sure there are places to rest glasses near the seats are a must. It would be unfortuate to have guests hold glasses the whole night or spilling a beverage.

People love to eat but sometimes can be a difficult task if you aren't having the party catered. You are the host of your party and you should be socializing with your guests, not in the kitchen. Another thing to consider, if you plan on food, you have to schedule around peoples eating habits. Guests will get cranky if they are waiting on the food and who knows how much they will really eat.

You might want to present something in a party. It might be a tupperware party, sales pitch or possibly a something that people haven't experienced yet. No matter what it might be, a presentation might only last for a certain time. You guests will need to socialize after the presentation. You might use an entertainer here. With socail sistuations, distractions are very useful and can make the time that guests might be waiting for something, seem like the time has not been a factor. A magician or other strolling entertainment might improve the situation.

All of these suggestions are opinions but people love parties and I am a person.