Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reel Magic Issue 20: Magic Castle Tour

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ReelMagic Issue 20


Hey Guys,

Just letting you know that the newest issue of Reel Magic Magazine, Issue 20, will be shipped to all subscribers soon and IS AVAILABLE FOR ORDER ON OUR WEB SITE! If you are a current subscriber, yours will be in your mailbox soon. Also, you can pick up a copy at your favorite magic dealer.

The feature in issue 20 is a Guided Tour of the World Famous Magic Castle. John Lovick along with Milt Larsen take us around the Castle.

We also take a look at The Late Charles Reynolds as he talks about his life in magic and his time with Doug Henning. This piece includes lots of footage of Henning and Blackstone.

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the magic castle

milt larson gives john lovick a tour of the magic castle

charles reynolds | andrew pinard continuum
andrew pinard's continuum interviews charles reynolds, his friends and colleagues


banachek subtleties

banachek discusses the minor details that make a ring and a book amazing!

david kaye a.k.a. silly billy Kid Show FUNdamentals
is frying your mind with the dove pan

banachek editorial
banachek gives us his magicians pledge

jon armstrong Sessions
Los Angeles Part 3
jon armstrong's final L.A. session discussing the himber vanish


david regal Tricks of the Trade

look at this thing! three tricks he likes and three tricks he doesn't

wayne kawamoto Choice Cuts
reviews the fundamentals of magic on eric jones metal and the step system DVD's


lee smith "Crazy Cuffs"

from step system vol. 2 by rsvpmagic

justin miller "Shockingly Sweet"
from live at the jailhouse by kozmo magic inc.

eugene burger "21st Century Bill Transpo"
from close-up magic vol. 2 by L&L publishing


derek ostovani "Fan Half-Pass"

magick "Stiletto"

kevin viner "I.B.M."