Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I wouldn't mind this as a gift either

power levitation (054)

power levitation

a big box for your performance,if you like to do a levitation as light as a close up & without heavy material,"Power levitation" would be an answer to all these needs. In all situations,street,mall,bus,train,meeting, conventions,a TV program and etc,you are able to do this great levitation just by yourself and with no material to be carried . Instead of carrying it, you can wear it from home .You can walk ,sit and stand easily!!!! When the others are eating their dinner,you can stand up and levitate!!! No bed,no table cloth,no cabal,no practice......... This great levitation let you to sit on the water in a pool ,sea or on the air everywhere. And more attractive using this single levitation you can perform lean and matrix also rotate 360degree!!!! Hard to believe .I know.But it is truth. Just one levitation with FOUR capability. This is unique in magic props. -Suitable to all sizes(women,men,child..) -Weight tolerance,150 pound -Full automatic - It comes with: Free learning DVD -Aluminum polished hoop,$150 -Special bag,$70 -Extra gimmick,$150, special pants$180 . The sole producer and seller "Hightrick Company"

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