Sunday, December 26, 2010

Charlotte Pendragon Props To Be Autioned

From Magic News Wire

From a report by KCOY:

The contents of a storage locker rented by Charlotte Pendragon will be auctioned to the public at 10 AM on January 19th of next year after it was seized for non-payment of the monthly fee. Of Jonathan Pendragon, the owner of the storage unit said,

"He's one of the world renown magicians and i think there will be a lot of interest in this and the other lockers that are going up for sale that day. There are just some people that they don't pay on their storage unit and that unit is no different than any other. But what makes this storage unit so different is who it belonged to and what could be inside those metal trunks. The only person who will be able to see that is the highest bidder."