Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a new year

Where was I when the ball dropped? Well I was booked to work at "David Arquette Presents Beacher's Madhouse". I had to go to rehearsal at 3pm to watch the run through and then return back at 8pm. When I returned, I saw David Arquette preparing for one of the musical numbers. I chatted with one of the stilt walkers while waiting for the doors to open. There were about twenty people dressed in full costumes of penguins, pandas and other animals dancing throughout the club. I was one of two magicians that were hired to do pre-show. I didn't know the other magician and we did not speak. I know when the music started, the lights strobing, and the animals were dancing made magic going to be a challenge. I was prepared with my coins, props and fire. I was worried that we would be doubling up on the people with magic but I noticed while I was performing, it seemed the other magician didn't perform at all. I saw him shuffling and fanning cards but just standing around. I felt I worked my butt off. I saw the other magician following me, possibly trying to see what magic I was doing but I would try to stay away because I didn't need anyone crowding me. It was fun working as hard as I did. I saw some celebrities. I saw Isla Fisher and she is very beautiful in person. I didn't show her any magic because she was busy with people around her. I saw a photographer shooting me and I ended up talking with him. While I was talking, David Arquette came up and said "take a picture of me and pickles". It was a good moment. After the ball dropped I left to go to another party. It was a great New Year's gig.