Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Digital Version of Magic Magazine is out, but is it worth it?

It looks like the preview edition of Magic Magazine is out but when I went to check it out... its just for the iPad and it's $3.99. I could just scan the magazine myself and OCR the articles. I don't know why Stan Allen went this direction instead of trying to save money, he's capitalizing even more on our magical love. I like Linking Ring magazine's online stuff, I can read it with any of my tablets.

Below is the email from Stan Allen's publication:

There's digital... and there's digital!

Presenting MAGIC Magazine
on the Apple iPad!

The world's largest-selling print magazine for magicians is now available in the most reader-friendly digital format.

• Vertical and Horizontal Views
• Story to Story with a Swipe of Your Finger
• Footnotes in Pop-up Windows
• Additional Photos in Slideshows
• Embedded Videos

Join Mac King for a brief guided tour.