Monday, May 31, 2010

Magic on TV this month

America's Got Talent
Wednesday, June 2nd, 8pm ET/PT, NBC
We keep hearing rumors that Murray will appear on this second night of the season five kickoff. Since there is no way to confirm what magician, if any, will make it on air, you might want to record both nights of the season premiere episodes starting Tuesday, June 1st — as long as your fast-forward feature is working.

LaRafThe Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Wednesday, June 2nd, 12:35am (early June 3rd), CBS
Larry & Rafael (longtime cruise-ship magic duo of Larry Fisher and Rafael Palacios) are scheduled to perform, as well as announce that they are opening in a new show titled Triumphat the Las Vegas Hilton.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
June 3rd, 12:35am (early June 4th), CBS
Jamie Ian Swiss taped the show last Friday, with Ferguson spontaneously bumping the last guest to extend the magician's spot.

Ed AlonzoThe Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
June 4th, 12:35am (early June 5th), CBS
Ed Alonzo also taped the show last Friday, performing his duck routine, as well as plugging his new magic sets, which will be in Costco stores this Christmas.

Last Comic Standing
Monday, June 7th, 8pm PT/ET, NBC
Murray is slated to bring comedy magic to the season premier of this long-running summer series.

The Today Show
Monday, June 14th, 7am PT/ET, NBC
Joshua Jay returns to the morning show, this time to promote the June 17th release of his new book, Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards.