Thursday, June 3, 2010

tommEE will perform at Celebrate Life With Hope

If you would like to attend, email me to be put on the list.

Health & Wellness Fair
Family Carnival
Entertainment & Celebrities
Raffle & Prizes
Food & Refreshments
Blood Donor Drive
RSVP required

What is Celebrate Life with HOPE?

  • The largest annual event of its type in the nation
  • A place where survivors and their families get together with hospital staff
  • An event where survivors meet community and national support agencies that can help them
  • A place for HOPE Program donors to meet cancer survivors

In addition to enjoying fun and food, the event emphasizes health promotion and wellness through attention to nutrition, self-care, and mind-body fitness. Held on the New York City backlot of Paramount Pictures, we are joined by celebrities and entertainers who make the day so absolutely special. Celebrate Life with HOPE emphasizes survivorship and life-long wellness as an on-going process that involves physical health and learning to maximize quality of life.

With over 2,400 participants last year, we are expecting an even larger turnout this year. Sponsored by the HOPE Program in the Childrens Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases, this wonderful event is free to our children and families. The event is made possible by the philanthropic support of outstanding individuals, organizations, and businesses.