Friday, September 24, 2010

Magic-Con Line Up

Mike Caveney

Mike Caveney is a writer, collector, professional magician, and the publisher of over 50 books on the theory, practice, and history of magic.

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Roberto Giobbi

His 5 bestselling volumes of Card College are the most widely translated magic books in history and are considered worldwide as the ultimate reference work for card magic.

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Lennart Green

Swedish card trick maestro Lennart Green has been baffling audiences for years with card tricks that seem barely under control.

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Helder Guimarães

Helder Guimarães is an international award-winning magician and has been named World Champion of card magic at FISM.

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Derek Hughes

Derek Hughes is a bright, talented and funny, actor, comedian, and magician.

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Glenn Kaino

Glenn Kaino is a Japanese American artist born, raised, and currently working in Los Angeles. He is versatilely skilled as an art maker and director of large media projects.

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Richard Kaufman

Richard is a prolific author, illustrator, publisher of almost 100 magic books, and also an excellent sleight of hand artist.

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Mac King

World-famous magician and Las Vegas star, Mac King has been entertaining audiences both on television and live on stage for years.

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Robert J. Lang

Robert J. Lang has been an avid student of origami for over forty years and is now recognized as one of the world’s leading masters of the art, with over 500 designs catalogued and diagrammed.

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David Regal

David Regal has written several books on the subject of magic for the fraternity, including the critically acclaimed best-selling Approaching Magic, which offered, in addition to a multitude of original tricks, a breadth of information regarding the presentation of magic and how and it can be individualized by the performer.

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Al Seckel

Al Seckel is an American authority on visual and other types of sensory illusions, and how they relate to perception.

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Bob Sheets

Behind Bob’s humorous presentation style is experience gained from one of the most diverse work histories in magic.

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The Virts

Kevin Ho, Huron Low, and Daren Yeow are a team of revolutionary card flourish artists from Singapore. They call themselves, The Virts.

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David Williamson

Considered to be one of the world’s most talented magicians, David Williamson knows the secret of capturing the imagination of any audience.

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