Monday, February 25, 2013

Kozmo says Reel Magic Issue 32 is ready!

32 front cover 

I just wanted you to know that the issue 32, Boris Wild is now available. If you're a current subscriber It will be arriving in your mailbox soon. If you're not a current subscriber Hit the link below

Ok, here's the news. We now offer Reel Magic via On Demand. Its a netflix model where you get every back issue and all future issues for $5 a month plus additional content that we are presently creating to add to the site. Currently there are 13 back issues PLUS the new issue on the site. This works fantastic. If you would like to see what Reel Magic via streaming looks like simply go to our web page and click on the Josh Jay Icon on the right of the front page and take a look. Imagine being able to access every issue of Reel Magic plus tons of additional content from any computer in the world by simply entering a user name and password. 

Another topic I want to address is that the US Postal service has raised prices on packages out side the US again. It's gone up $4 this time so in turn we will be raising our prices outside the US by $15. We're taking a loss again but want to keep you as a customer. Seems like a good time to convert to On Demand right? It's $60 a year, its there now and there's the additional content still in development.

OK so here's the link to our web page below.

Click Here!

We really appreciate your business at Reel Magic and hope we here from you soon


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