Monday, January 18, 2010

Confrontation, the movie

Last night I went to a walk through of The Big Show I am performing on the 31st. I hung out with some of the talent and the producers of the event. One interesting person I met was a 21 year old hypnotist haberdasherer. He had a awesome suit and a cell phone that he created, made out of wood, rotary dial and World War II leather strap. He was a character and it will be a fun show. I stayed for a couple of beers with the producers and these artists. I was doing some magic to a guy named Tim and he gave me the best over-the-top responses. I have to get him to be in the audience for my demo tape. At one point, he said to his buddies "This guy is the devil".

After the meeting at Old Town Pub, Nikki and Andres gave me a ride to the North Hollywood subway station and I rode it to the Magic Castle. I saw some of the regular characters and was happy to get out of the rain. I noticed the afro of Zach Waldman so I called him over. When he was within talking distance, he exclaimed "What the hell were you doing, Pete told me you were doing magic in Ye Old King's Head". I told him, I was not performing, I was showing an effect to two friends. Zach said "I perform magic in there, thats my venue". Not challenging him, I told him that I don't live down there anymore, and Pete lost customers that night and I don't enjoy that bar anymore which I am unhappy about because I like the bar staff and security employees. I only went to that bar because I lived behind it. The thing that bothers me. I have never seen Zach Waldman perform magic for the groups of people at Ye Olde Kings Head and I lived behind the bar for over a year and half. When I did see him perform, it was for a small group of magicians to give him criticism about his act he was bring to a college in Utah or something.

I went home on the subway and while I was in the station, a homeless man said "What's wrong with your hair?". I laughed and told him I was a magician. I feel silly when I tell people I am a magician without showing something magical. I put a half dollar in front of him on the subway bench. He watched me. I waved my hands over it, then waved my hands again, then the coin vanished. It was enjoyed.